It Is Just A Key Chain (With Stories)

June 18, 2018
Posted by: Manager


It Is Just A Key Chain (With Stories)

Yes, it is a key chain with same function as other. But at VEE Tire Co. we are trying to find something cool but useful at same time. When we met TUBE Thailand team ( with recycle activities based on tire and tube as main material in North Thailand. We felt that we can do ‘something’ with rejected tires, so we get in touch and discussed about collaboration.

We want something useful but at same time unique and has strong VEE Tire Co. character, so the result is key chain from center section of tire, the balance is nice, not to small, not to big with knobs as center attraction. But the stories behind are bigger than just about turning tires to key chain. As whole processes are hand made by women at rural village at Chiang Mai and as feedback those women receive extra incomeas incentive for their family, also some profits from TUBE Thailand are given back to community of Hilltribe for public facilities.
It is still key chain but the stories behind are more important, from recycling waste into something useful, more income for rural women at North Thailand and better public facilities for Hilltribe community. Do you want some VEE Tire Co. & TUBE Thailand key chain? Feel free to visit our booth during bicycle shows around the world.

The Process of Making Key Chain

  • Pick up rejected tires at our factory at SamutSakhon Thailand then truck bring them to rural village at Chiang Mai North Thailand.
  • Each tire is cleaned and cut as required size
  • Sewing for VEE Tire Co. & TUBE label
  • Bending and making hole
  • Pushing eyelet to lock all parts
  • Ready for wrapping and ship to our office at Bangkok