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When it comes to tire manufacturing we consider our factory a kitchen and everyone from engineering to quality control are the chefs who create the final product: a delicious, necessary tire that satisfies your taste for cycling.

Our kitchen in Samut Sakhon, Thailand, opened in 1977. This is where our chefs learned how to cook dishes that meet international tastes while still maintaining a heritage as famous as pad thai and tom yum goong that is served in every Thai restaurant throughout the world. The exception is we have our own unique recipes, raw materials, production lines and testing tools allowing us to handcraft all our tires with ultimate perfection, as if cooking from our favorite food menu directly from our home to yours.

We’ve worked hard to become a top global tire manufacturer that meets the demands of every aspect of cycling, from professional to recreation to youth. We keep our minds open by accepting new ideas from our customers, sponsored racing teams, ambassadors, media, trade shows and vendors. We challenge ourselves to push the boundaries of technology, design, product development and marketing. Our operation has expanded from just Thailand to new facilities in Vietnam and India. Our global distribution channel has grown to 34 countries across North America, Europe, Africa and the Asian Pacific region.

Through all this our goal of making the best tires available remains constant. In 2018 we created a revolutionary new sticky compound for gravity racing and in 2019 we focused on producing one of the lightest cross-country tubeless tires on the market. Our biggest advantage is that we have every resource in one place allowing us to design and produce products faster than our competition with better, stricter quality control. At VeeTires cooking up the best tires in the world is our passion!



The development of the lowest rolling resistance for road bikes to the grippiest downhill racing tire for World Cup team. We do everything in our ‘kitchen’ from A to z to create the best tires for you! Never Stop! We continue our journey from a small Thailand tire manufacturer in 1977 to become a global tire manufacturer meeting high end demand for the best bicycle tires. With our tools, know-how and network, we have grown together with all our partners to break boundaries in bicycle tire manufacturing and create the next level of riding experience. This is how we are.



Founded in 1977, Vee Rubber Group is the leading manufacturer of tires in Thailand for the automotive, motorcycle, and biking industries. Each of their products are carefully fashioned from select raw materials using modern manufacturing technology, and are supplied primarily to export.

In 2013, VEE Tire Co. was created to supply tires direct to consumers world-wide. With the ability to use research and development previously intended only for auto and motorcycle, VEE Tire Co. has created groundbreaking tires inspired from its parent company’s successful technology.